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S.A.S. provides tailored offers to the needs of small and large businesses and individuals, with meticulous monitoring of progress.

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S.A.S. is composed of experienced teams , dynamic and effective. The speed and excellent coordination of our teams in the execution of the various tasks on our sites make S.A.S. the company number in Africa in solar panels.

S.A.S. deals with both individuals and businesses . Thus, together, we plan and realize the plan of your pipes, the bathroom or the kitchen which you always dreamed, but also your industrial installations or your professional projects.

We are committed to meeting deadlines , finishing and the dialogue , essential to achieve together the best projects. With S.A.S., the highest quality and compliance with all regulations are assured.


As a service-oriented company, S.A.S. makes a point of maintaining good relations with its customers. Our staff will respond to your requests and wishes quickly and flexibly. That’s why, in addition to providing you with the highest quality components and materials from Germany at competitive prices, we offer our sanitary and electrical services.

In the field of electrical services, we offer:

Installation, configuration and maintenance of solar panels
Provision of generators powered by solar panels for an event or your company

Our health services:

Installation and Maintenance of Pipeline Systems to Transport Water
Pipeline installation, wastewater recycling, piping
Installation of equipment (sinks, toilets, bathroom …)
Investigation and repair of water damage
And much more…

Do you have a project that is not in the list? Do not hesitate to ask any information, we will answer you as soon as possible.

Our long-term goal is the development of renewable energy in Africa. We are ambitious project leaders and hope to create many jobs to support the population. With the new technologies at our disposal and our skills, we are able to develop the facilities of tomorrow


At S.A.S., customer satisfaction is the number one concern. That’s why we take a series of commitments to you. For example, we provide protection against moisture or the protection against burglary and theft. In addition, we also guarantee the expert advice and the execution of all work in an irreproachable manner

Our team is from Congo and our know-how comes from the education we have received from our country of origin, mainly from Germany but also from France and South Africa. Our materials come mainly from Germany and enjoy a remarkable quality.We have among us renewable energy specialists, electrical engineers, computer scientists …


Solar Energy

Internet Wi-Fi

Drinkable water

Lithium Storage System

TS storage systems can be integrated into autonomous or connected networks to the public grid. They can be flexibly combined with any energy source, including photovoltaics, bioenergy, wind power and diesel generators.

  • Backup Power:
    In the event of a power outage, your storage system is ready to power in a split second
  • Load change:
    reduce peak consumption and save money by reducing the size of the network connection
  • Increased self-consumption
    use more power than you generated and save on electricity costs
  • Off-grid power supply:
    establish your own power grid, for example in conjunction with a photovoltaic system



are ideal for large installations on large roofs. With a performance of up to 98.5%, they not only deliver very high yields but also offer design flexibility and extensive compatibility with many PV modules thanks to the multistring concept and a wide range of input voltage. .

  • Maximum efficiency 98.5%
  • Built-in Type II DC surge protector
  • Optional display
  • DC input voltage up to 1000 V
  • Flexible sizing of the installation thanks to the multistring concept
  • Innovative Network Management Features with Integrated Plant Control *
  • Reactive power supply on demand 24 hours a day

SUNNY BOY 1.5 /2.5

The solar current is worth the effort: the all new Sunny Boy 1.5 /2.5 is the perfect inverter for customers who want to take advantage of the enormous potential of their small photovoltaic system. It allows among others an increase in the share of self-consumption, it is usable in many ways and integrates very easily in the home network. In addition, it offers many advantages during installation and commissioning due to its innovative construction and unique communication concept.

  • Quick start with UI with intuitive control
  • Easy installation thanks to the low weight of 9 kg and intelligent connection concept
  • Input voltage range extended from 80V to 600V
  • Flexible panel selection

Sunny Tripower CORE The Sunny Tripower CORE is the world’s first self-supporting string inverter designed for decentralized commercial rooftop or ground installations or parking shades. CORE is the third generation of the globally successful Sunny Tripower inverter series. Thanks to its innovative concept, it revolutionizes the world of inverters for commercial installations.Self-supporting device easy to install
No DC fuse required
Integrated DC switch-disconnector
Integrated WLAN access with all mobile devices
Faster network connection due to ease of configuration and commissioning of the inverter



The versatile solution for high-performance systems connected to the network or isolated site. The versatile storage solution for new and existing installations, the Sunny Island has a major advantage: it stores the solar energy it has produced and ensures intelligent energy management with Sunny Home Manager 2.0. in your home or in your business.

Sunny Island is as insensitive to desert sand as it is to the high humidity of the rainforest, the salty mists of the coastal regions or the high temperature ranges. It operates reliably in the most extreme conditions, without concession to profitability.

Suitable for outdoor mounting thanks to the IP 54 protection rating
Wide temperature range
Starts any consumer device

Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals build on the success of objectives Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and aim to go further to end all forms of poverty. This is why Solar Africa Solution has aligned its main objectives on these because it is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to the future of the planet.



Here is a panel of different projects led by SAS We will be happy to provide you with further references upon request.



The Solar Africa Solution is the benchmark for renewable energy. Thanks to our German know-how and our quality team, S.A.S. is the fastest and most efficient solution to carry out your projects.
S.A.S. demonstrates deep knowledge of renewable energy, and this is reflected in our projects. Our level of quality thus creates a bond of trust between S.A.S and customers, partners and employees.
Trust us to build a cleaner future together.

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